TACSIT-2015 Program

Date: Thursday 14th MAY, 2015

Welcome dinner

Date: Friday 15th MAY, 2015

Venue: room 228, conference hall STI, Radyansky prospect, 59-a Severodonets'k, 93400, Severodonetsk, Ukraine
Breakfast, Registration
Introduction and Welcoming Remarks
Session 1: Theoretical and Applied Computer Science
Properties Poisson flow caused finite-dimensional distributions of times of the events occurrences
  • Vladimir Mukha, Maria Prischepchik -

Polar transformation of the iris for human biometric identification system
  • Katerina Trifonova, Eline Hryshykashvili -

Labeling procedure for results interpretation of heuristic possibilistic clustering of intuitionistic fuzzy data
  • Dmitry Viattchenin, Stanislav Shyrai -

Mathematical model of temperature control subsystem for organochlorine waste utilization
  • Volodymyr Kardashuk, Oleksandra Ponomarchuk, Maxim Marinich -

Coffee break
Session 2: Decision Support, Knowledge Discovery, and Business Intelligence
Information technology for decision support in the technological risks management
  • Volodymyr Lifar, Oleksandr Ryazantsev, Waldemar Witt -

Syntax-based multiontology discovery method
  • Oleskii Oleksenko -

Multi-dimensional data analysis for accounting of raw, materials and wastes in industry
  • Lina Barbaruk -

Improving knowledge control subsystem LMS Moodle to assess the quality of the test material
  • Larisa Shumova, Dasha Risuhina -

Session 4: Health Informatics. Computer Science & Information Technology in Healthcare
Connectome of intellectual environment
  • Yuri Prokopchuk -

Using data mining techniques for the prenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormality
  • Inna Skarha-Bandurova, Tetyana Biloborodova -

Implementation Business Intelligence for healthcare industry
  • Maxim Nesterov Ph.D. candidate

Review of data mining algorithms in predicting breast cancer
  • Anastasiya Titarenko -

Session 3: Computer Systems Security, Safety and Reliability
Construction of checking test for faults "induced delay" with many aggressors
  • Yuri Skobtsov, Vadim Skobtsov -

The development of computer-aided diagnosis system for digital circuits using evolutionary algorithms
  • Dmitry Ivanov -

Software and algorithmic solutions for static testing software components of safety-critical systems
  • Yan Kovalenko, Inna Skarha-Bandurova -

Construction of decoding methods based on simple rules of rounding
  • Tamila Lavrovskaya, Serhiy Rassomahin -

Simulation of testability digital devices in Multisim environment
  • Yuri Mischenko, Viktoriya Kosenko, Konstantin Naidenov -

Workshop on Tempus-SEREIN Project
Industrial control systems cyber security: Best practices and risk assessment
  • Oleksandr Ryazantsev -

Security aspects of operators’ teamwork. Group decision support techniques for critical infrastructure protection
  • Inna Skarha-Bandurova

A practical security risk analysis: Cumulative risk assessment methods and tools
  • Volodymyr Lifar, Maxim Nesterov -

A cyber security risk assessment for the design of railway interlocking systems
  • Yan Kovalenko -

Application of Bayesian networks to assess the cyber security of I&C systems
  • Artem Velikzhanin -

Coffee break
Session 5: Information Technology in Industry, Transport, Energy, and Ecology
Problems of computer simulating nitration of aromatic compounds
  • Serhiy Kondratov, Anna Krasilnikova, M. Al-Hamadani -

Computer modeling du/dt filter with variable frequency drive
  • Mikhail Pustovetov -

Coffee break
Session 6: Web systems and Networks technology
A method for reducing the number of request for repetition in data channel
  • Anatoliy Berdnikov, Serhiy Veklich -

Organization of web site during their popularization
  • Taras Basyuk -

Discovery and verification of neighbor position in ad hoc network
  • Nikhil Jadhav, Anurag Boggavarapu, Kushal Bang, Akshay Gaikwad, Zarina Shaikh -

Application of web technologies in computer control systems
  • Marina Scherbakova, Egor Tatarchenko, Dmitry Timchenko -

Session 7: Young scientists
Methods and algorithms for the identification of moving units
  • Alexander Berezhnoy -

An analysis of the principles of software development for travel agencies
  • Albina Chernozhukova -

Networks technology in industrial applications
  • Yuri Osheko, Pavlo Mostovyuk

Study of web content mining techniques for academic search
  • Eugenia Myznikova, Margarita Demchenko -


Date: Saturday 16th MAY, 2015

Closing ceremony